A Croatian-made electric hypercar has unquestionably established itself as the world's fastest accelerating and quickest stopping vehicle, obliterating an impressive 23 records and solidifying its position as the ultimate performance automobile available for purchase.

The extraordinary Rimac Nevera has achieved an astounding feat, earning the title of the "undisputed hypercar champion" by setting a new record for accelerating from zero to 294 mph and coming to a complete stop (0-400-0 km/h) in a mere 29.93 seconds. This achievement surpasses the previous best time by over a second.

However, such remarkable performance comes at a significant cost. Limited to only 150 units, the Nevera, currently manufactured at the company's facility near Zagreb, carries a starting price of just under £2.1 million, inclusive of VAT. Mate Rimac, a 35-year-old entrepreneur who spearheads the Rimac Group and serves as the CEO of the newly-formed Bugatti Rimac (a joint venture involving Rimac, Bugatti, and Porsche), expressed his perspective on the achievement.

"Since my youth, I have always admired the cars that have made history, pushing the boundaries of performance and introducing revolutionary technology to the roads," Rimac said. "From day one, this has been my driving force — to develop groundbreaking technology that redefines what is achievable. Today, I am proud to announce that our vehicle can reach speeds of 400 km/h [294 mph] and return to a standstill faster than the McLaren F1 could accelerate to 350 km/h [217 mph]. Furthermore, it can repeat this feat multiple times, shattering every other performance record in the process. If you owned a Nevera and had access to a track, you could do it too."

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Revolutionary Rimac Nevera: Unleashing Lightning Speeds and Record-Breaking Performance!

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