Taking a performance sports car to the track offers an excellent opportunity to explore its capabilities and understand its characteristics more intimately. For one unlucky Toyota GR 86 owner, however, his day at the track ended with him learning about what a blown engine sounds like. Despite the vehicle allegedly being in stock condition, the owner claims that the dealer is denying warranty coverage, leaving him in a frustrating situation.
According to the person at the heart of a YouTube channel called Lunk, the 2022 GR 86 in question has 19,000 miles (30,577 km), a fresh oil change, and no engine mods. Lunk says that the unnamed dealer and Toyota corporate are “refusing warranty coverage for this due to the nature in which the vehicle was used.”

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WATCH: Toyota Proves It Is Not Up To The Task, Denies Warranty Coverage For Stock GR86 Taken To Track Day

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