We told you the other day about a Toyota owner who is upset a damaged engine won't be covered under warranty after he drove his car on the track.
We've also covered an issue in which Ford Bronco owners complain that a factory feature has damaged their vehicles after off-road use -- and that Ford is denying warranty claims.
The Toyota driver points out that Toyota holds track events for GR86 owners, while the Ford complainants made it known that Ford implies that using the Trail Turn Assist feature in a manner consistent with the directions in the user's manual would not void the warranty. Putting aside legalese and any explicit wording in an owner's manual, the Toyota GR86 is marketed as a track-ready car and the Bronco is marketed as an off-roader. Philosophically speaking, should OEMs deny warranty claims when a vehicle is used for a purpose it's designed for?

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Should Automakers Void Warranty Claims When Vehicle Is Being Used For A Purpose It Is Designed For?

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