TikTok viewers were shocked by a resurrected clip of a man calling in to Dave Ramsey's radio show to ask for help with his car loan, which was eating half of his income.
Feraz, 27 from Los Angeles, said he was using up half his $1,200 monthly income in car payments — $600 per month for his BMW.
The clip is from an episode of Ramsey's show from 2016, but reached a new audience on TikTok, where it was posted this week and amassed 1.2 million views. 

@daveramsey Feraz makes $1,200 a month and has a $600 car payment. #moneytok #cartok #nomoney #debt #moneyadvice ? original sound - Dave Ramsey

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TikToker Spends Half Of His Income On New BMW - Calls Dave Ramsey For Financial Advice

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