You read all the hype.

As soon as there is an electric pickup truck Tesla is done.

Then the...There is a list of people dying to get a Ford Lightning EV SO long if you rolled it out it would go coast to coast.

And then all the releases from Ford that they won't be able to fulfill orders for the truck for the next 100 years. Not really, but you get our point.

So it was inevitable that when the first ones arrived dealers would get stupid on pricing and speculators were in heaven.

But if you were an Auto Spies reader, you knew WE weren't buying all the nonsense.

In January we published this and the haters said we we were wrong.

Now don't get us wrong. For a first pass at an electric pickup, we think Ford did a very good job. The truck is pretty good but it has MANY flaws just like the Rivian. And just like the CyberTruck will have as well.

But its BIGGEST issue ready to be SHOCKED!!! IT'S TOO F'N EXPENSIVE!!!! Like by 25k per model.

And the second major issue is...MOST of the orders for the truck were made by speculators looking to flip them for big $$$. Let's throw a number out there and say 10-20% of the orders were actual buyers who really wanted one and would keep it for at least three years.

And once the REALITY started hitting the market, prices began to drop LIKE ROCKS. And of course, we'll take a bow. Just like so many other things we called so far ahead of everyone else, we called this FIRST.

Bottom line. We've said it once and we'll say it again. There just ISN'T as high of a market for electric trucks that the media wants you to think. Sorry, it's just a fact.

Here's one example of the hurt owners are experiencing with their Ford LIGHTENINGS. That's not a misspelling, that's a poke at how their wallets are getting lighter and lighter with the mass depreciation.

From the video:

He purchased the truck brand new for an estimated amount of $88,000, excluding taxes. Naturally, he held high expectations for it. However, concerns about its depreciation began to trouble him. To assess its value, he had his impeccably maintained truck appraised by CarMax, who offered him a mere $68,000.

This offer prompted him to approach the Ford dealership from which he made the purchase, and they presented him with an offer of $74,000.

Not satisfied with these offers, he decided to list the Lightning for sale online. After two weeks, he managed to sell it for $80,000. Although he still incurred a financial loss, Jed viewed this as a fair price. However, depreciation fears were only one of the four primary reasons that influenced his decision to sell the truck.

Watch the video and give us YOUR thoughts on the situation...

And one last thought...if Ford is already going through this, GM and RAM are dead men walking with their Silverado and RAM EV prospects.

IF SO MANY PEOPLE Are DYING For An EV Pickup, WHY Is The Resale Value Of The Ford Lightning Dropping SO Fast?

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