Having acquired his first electric hybrid 18 years ago and his first pure electric car nine years ago, Atkinson now believes that "electric motoring doesn't seem to be quite the environmental panacea it is claimed to be." In an essay he penned for The Guardian, the actor, who holds a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, highlighted a Volvo study that indicates electric cars have greenhouse gas emissions 70 percent higher during production compared to petrol vehicles. He attributes this mainly to the lithium-ion batteries prevalent in electric vehicles, which are both weighty and rely on numerous rare earth metals and substantial amounts of energy to manufacture, with a lifespan of only about 10 years.

Rowan Atkinson, renowned for his roles in Blackadder and Mr Bean, recently expressed feeling "a little duped" by electric cars and advised his friends against purchasing them.

Despite electric cars boasting zero emissions during use, Atkinson argues that they are not yet as environmentally efficient as commonly perceived. The 68-year-old also criticizes society's relationship with cars, describing the car industry's participation in a "fast fashion sales culture."

When asked by environmentally-conscious friends about purchasing electric cars, Atkinson advises caution. He suggests considering a change from an old diesel vehicle if primarily used for city driving, but otherwise suggests holding off for now. While he believes electric propulsion will eventually provide genuine global environmental benefits, that day has yet to arrive.

He notes that most car owners now change their vehicles every three years, predominantly due to the prevalent three-year leasing model, whereas during his childhood, cars would often become scrap metal after just five years. Atkinson suggests that with proper care, a £15,000 car today could endure for up to 30 years.

Ultimately, Atkinson concludes that the initial infatuation with electric cars is waning, and he believes this is not necessarily a negative development. He argues that to effectively address the severe environmental issues arising from our reliance on motor vehicles, a broader range of options must be explored. He advocates for continued development of hydrogen and synthetic fuels to avoid prematurely scrapping older cars that still have substantial value, while also proposing an alternative business model for the automotive industry, wherein new vehicles are retained for longer periods, acknowledging their often-overlooked longevity.

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