The Teslasphere trembled at the news that all Model 3 versions miraculously qualify for the full $7,500 IRA tax credit. Previously, the RWD variant built with LFP cells from China was only suitable for half the credit, and even that was a surprise. Read on for my analysis on how Tesla pulled this off and the implications for the auto industry at large.
Tesla's tango with its EVs' prices no longer shocks people, as it happened before. The EV maker uses a complex market analyzing tool, allowing it to gather feedback and fine-tune prices almost in real time. This is a luxury no traditional carmaker can afford, considering they need to gather their data from the dealers. Tesla's direct sales strategy has many advantages, and this is only one of them. Still, how Tesla prices its vehicles is not the only thing people watch closely.

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The Tricky Math Behind Tesla's Model 3's $7500 Tax Credit Qualification

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