Tesla's Model S might be pretty old and familiar by now, but the recently upgraded and much-awaited Track Pack gives it a new chance at staying relevant – it is, yet again, a champion! Here's why this is exciting not only for EV enthusiasts but also for the auto industry.
A 2023 Tesla Model S with the Track Package installed ran the famous Nurburgring track in 07:25.2. That's 8.1 seconds faster than the 2022 Porsche Taycan Turbo S that set a time of 07:33.3 last year. Normally, eight seconds mean next to nothing when we consider driving on public roads where stringent rules must be respected for everyone's safety. But when establishing a record on a closed circuit, such a difference between two automobiles is massive.


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WATCH: Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack Destroys The Porsche Panamera Nurburgring Track Record

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