If you were living in Europe or another place where land is a significant commodity that is scarcely available, a 201.4-inch (5,116 mm)-long Toyota Grand Highlander would be more than humongous as most parking spaces in Old Continent cities do not even exceed the five-meter threshold. But for Toyota, that does not impede selling it in North America, where some of the most oversized SUVs that can be had on the US market can easily dwarf the big crossover SUV.

For example, the Ford Expedition MAX & Lincoln Navigator L twins go to 221.9 in/5,636 mm, the GMC Yukon XL (225.2 in/5,720 mm) and Chevrolet Suburban (225.7 in/5,733 mm) are even larger, and the Jeep Grand Wagoneer L (226.7 in/5,758 mm) is one step away from taking the crown. Alas, it cannot do anything about securing the throne for the biggest SUV out there because the Cadillac Escalade ESV rocks a 227-in/5,766 mm overall length like a champion.

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