Wait, what? Yes! You read that right. While the latter seems alarmist – it's backed by evidence in a recently released report by the ALA (American Lung Association). So, how will a Tesla, Lucid, or Rivian truck guarantee human survival?
Well, it's not what an electric vehicle will do to you as an individual but how the collective action of EV sales, specifically in the U.S., will help prevent deaths.
Several reports have made the connection between air pollution and severe health problems. A study done by Lancet in 2022 discovered that air pollution contributes to about 6.5 million deaths annually worldwide.
Other studies have shown that air pollution can lead to chronic conditions such as asthma, heart-related issues, depression, and Alzheimer's.

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American Lung Association Study Boldly Claims 89,000 US Lives A Year Would Be Saved If US Shifted To EVs Only By 2050

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