People love talking about car/truck of the year awards like they mean something other than being the best awards money can buy.

And the proof of that is look at how many previous purchasers, SORRY, WINNERS ended up being real losers. Remember previous winners like the Chevy Volt or the PT CRUISER?

Well Motor Trend just posted a story about the Ford Lightning EV, nickaming it the RANGELIAR.

So, are they saying they they gave the truck of the year award to a FLAWED product?

Here is a synopsis of the Motor Trend story we're referring to...

MotorTrend is back with their second yearlong story on the Ford F-150 Lightning. This time, they're testing the loaned F-150 Lightning XLT model after previously exploring the Lariat variant. Despite concerns about finding enough to say about two similar long-termers, MotorTrend is already experiencing a different journey with the Michigan-based Lightning in comparison to their Los Angeles-based Lariat.

The initial experience had its challenges. After returning from a tropical vacation, MotorTrend found the F-150 Lightning waiting for them at the airport. Although the battery was fully charged and the cabin was preconditioned, the range fell short during a 130-mile trip to Grandma's house in Michigan. The town lacked chargers, leading them to rely on a distant Electrify America station with fast chargers. However, even after a partial charge, they still faced range limitations on the way back. This raised concerns about the accuracy of the range estimation system and Ford's programming choices.

The issue of range estimation became apparent as every trip consumed more estimated range than actual miles traveled. MotorTrend expressed disappointment in Ford's inability or unwillingness to provide accurate information about the truck's range, especially when using the native navigation system. Although Ford admitted to programming the system to display EPA best-case range when charging via Level 2 chargers, an upcoming update called Intelligent Range might address this problem.

The F-150 Lightning faces aerodynamic challenges due to its gas-powered origins, unlike the optimized aerodynamics of Rivian's R1T. The drag force and power consumption increase significantly with higher speeds, which has become evident during the Michigan team's fast driving on freeways. However, they have learned the counterproductive effects of high speeds and have begun appreciating other aspects of the truck, such as the quiet cabin, smooth ride quality, and the Sync 4 user interface.

With charging predominantly done with Level 2 AC, the per-mile energy costs have been lower compared to their predominantly DC fast-charged California Lightning. MotorTrend plans to utilize the Pro Power Onboard feature for various tasks, including powering lawn and construction projects and organizing tailgate parties. However, the main concern remains whether they can accumulate enough miles during long trips, considering the challenges of traveling through areas with fewer and unreliable chargers.


TWO-FACED FIX? Magazine That Gave The Ford Lightning Its Truck Of The Year NOW Calls It The RANGELIAR! So WHICH Is IT?

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