When Mikiya Barber enlisted to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve, little did she anticipate that her most significant battle would unfold within the confines of her own residence in Houston.

Reflecting on her experience, the 26-year-old first lieutenant lamented, "One individual has inflicted losses exceeding $50,000 upon me, taking an immense emotional toll to the extent that I sought therapy. I wouldn't wish this ordeal on anyone."

Barber, just 25 years old at the time, acquired a modest townhome nestled alongside Highway 288 and the South Beltway last autumn. Joyfully documented photos adorned her Facebook profile, while her mother proudly showcased her decorating efforts in her daughter's newfound home.

Soon thereafter, Barber received a call for active duty in Florida, prompting her to contemplate renting out her property. She found a tenant, Natasha Timmons, and conducted a thorough background check, which initially appeared unproblematic. Consequently, Timmons inked a lease agreement, committing to a monthly rent of $2,000 for the three-bedroom, two-bathroom abode. Timmons dutifully paid for the initial two months, but thereafter, the situation took a nosedive. Barber recounted, "Then, things took a turn for the worse. I attempted to establish a payment plan with her. However, she resorted to threatening bankruptcy and ensuring I underwent this protracted process."

Court records disclosed Timmons' prior theft conviction dating back to 2003. More recent developments revealed four identical bankruptcy filings, with two of them occurring subsequent to her occupation of Barber's residence. Curiously, despite declaring bankruptcy, neighbors provided ABC13 with video evidence of Timmons and other occupants at the property flaunting luxury vehicles and even washing them in the driveway.

During a recent hearing via Zoom, Timmons informed the judge that she no longer had any pending bankruptcy cases. Consequently, the judge issued an immediate order for her to commence repaying the overdue rent. Furthermore, a subsequent hearing has been scheduled for Monday, September 18 at 1:30 p.m., during which Timmons may face eviction proceedings.

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