While Toyota is the most notorious brand for speaking out against the concept of an EV-only solution to carbon neutrality in the automotive segment, more automakers are speaking up than ever before and sharing the same sentiment. The latest of them is Ineos Automotive, manufacturers of the Grenadier off-roader.
Autocar reports that Lynn Calder openly suggested an EV-only approach is not going to work. Addressing the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' (SMMT) Electrified conference, Calder said a balance of electric, hybrid, and hydrogen is the best mix, echoing the sentiments of Toyota.
"We talk about EVs all the time," Calder said. "I think that is quite dangerous. I think we're going to need a mix. I think we need a plan, because at the moment, if we just say electric vehicles are the way forward for the UK, and that's all we are going to have, I think there is a risk we are going to fail and a risk that it is going to be expensive."

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