Nikola’s newly appointed CEO, Steve Girsky, who has assumed the role in August this year, draws a striking parallel to how GM once underestimated Tesla. Speaking during a Q&A session, he emphasized that Tesla was frequently regarded as “just a bunch of engineers playing with laptop batteries” in the past. Girsky believes that Nikola now possesses a substantial advantage over its competitors, reminiscent of the underestimated position that Tesla held during its early years.
Girsky served on GM’s board of directors from 2009 to 2016. As the CEO of Nikola, he notes that there is an infectious energy within the organization. He attributes much of this enthusiasm to the team’s unwavering “never give up attitude.” Girsky believes that this same spirit is what empowered Tesla to establish the significant position it holds today.
Reflecting on his tenure at GM, Girsky commented, “I asked about Tesla and was told that it was just a bunch of engineers playing with laptop batteries… 

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General Motors Once Considered Tesla A Bunch Of Geeks With Laptops - Who Is Laughing Now?

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