Today's robotic world is a fairly advanced one, with a wide variety of machines capable of doing a whole lot of amazing things. Yet our world is far from having reached the peak of this industry while robots, despite some specialized ones being capable of fine touches, are generally massive and clumsy pieces of engineering.

By clumsy I mean most of them are not capable of performing delicate operations like pouring water into a glass or moving around objects that can easily be deformed. When they do become capable of doing so, that only happens at the end of a long and complicated programming process, and requires a lot of trial and error.
The Japanese from Toyota believe they are on the verge of a breakthrough that should allow humans to faster and better teach robots how to do such things. And that breakthrough requires not a single line of code to be fed to the robot.

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Toyota Develops Robots To Learn Tasks By Watching The Worker They Will Replace

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