Among the many worldwide best-known German brand names originating in neighboring Austria, Porsche probably ranks a distant second. Although I am willing to bet that the undisputed occupant of the top step of this podium isn’t famed for his Vienna residence, the runner-up Porsche is now a well-established institution of German automotive mastery. Recently, one of the company’s electric creations went down under to see what’s what about the ‘Mozart, not Kangaroos’ conundrum.
Specifically, an electric Taycan 4S Cross Turismo went all the way to the far end of Planet Piston – as seen from Stuttgart – to go on a walkabout in the scorching Australian heat, from Darwin to Bondi Beach. The EV covered 5,000 clicks (3,200 non-metric land miles) during its 19-day road trip.

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Porsche Taycan 4S Takes 3200 Mile Aussie Road Trip - Spends 3.5 Days Charging

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