As the release of the refreshed Tesla Model 3 (aka Project Highland) draws nearer, the electric vehicle manufacturer is offering steeper discounts on its current (but soon-to-be outdated) Model 3s.
Tesla began offering discounts earlier this year that saw the prices of some Model 3s drop by as much as $2,500 to $3,000, and the latest round of discounts has seen the prices drop by more than $4,000 (total) for a Tesla Model 3 RWD and more than $5,000 for a Model 3 Long Range, according to InsideEVs.
A Model 3 RWD in New York City, as of late August, for example, cost $37,120 before tax credit, down from $41,240, Inside EVs reported.
The Tesla website had a Model 3 Performance in California listed for $49,720 — a whopping $5,520 off its starting price of $55,240.

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Tesla Significantly Discounts Model 3 Ahead Of Project Highland

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