The Japanese have scheduled several world premieres for the event taking place next month. The lineup they will display includes the Specialty Sports Concept. There is no word on the size of this model, but it sure looks compact, and the photos confirm that we are dealing with a two-seater. It will be an electric vehicle, which Honda claims, is fun to drive and "will enable people to transcend their every day life." What that actually means, we are to see at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.
Honda will also bring the Sustaina-C Concept to the event. It looks like a downsized Honda e, the company’s first EV, in production since 2020, and sports a body made entirely from acrylic resin, which is recyclable and reusable.
The Asian company says that this is a new approach on transportation in a dimension where people do not have to worry about their impact on the environment.

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Honda Is Developing A New Small Car Made Out Of Acrylic Resin

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