The biggest automaker of the Big Three in Detroit is currently testing the eighth-generation Corvette ZR1 like there's no tomorrow. Given that General Motors will refresh its midship sports car in 2024 for the 2025 model year, there's no denying the 800-horsepower variant is also going live for MY25.
Spied high-altitude testing in Colorado, the heavily camouflaged prototypes in the videos below all feature the Z06's wider body and tires. Pictured with a low-drag rear spoiler as well as a high wing, the ZR1 further sports the center-exit quad exhaust we all know and love from the eighth-gen Corvette Z06.
Previously speculated to combine the LT6 flat-plane crankshaft V8 of the Z06 with the front-mounted electric drive unit of the E-Ray, the ZR1 is actually a twin-turbo affair with no hybrid assistance whatsoever. GM refers to said engine as the LT7, and similar to the Z06, it's a high-revving marvel of engineering that sounds great even at low speeds.


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WATCH: Chevrolet Caught Testing The 800 HP ZR1 Corvette In Colorado

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