When the Jeep Gladiator was first announced in 2018, there was much excitement from the off-roading community. Previously, if you wanted a Wrangler with the versatility of a pick-up bed, you’d have to opt for some kind of conversion, such as the AEV Brute.

But for some reason, the shine seems to have been wiped off the pickup’s appeal, which has led to some rather deep discounts being offered in the market – and that’s not a sentence you often see these days.
First spotted by Cars Direct, it seems that a combination of manufacturer and dealer discounts can net potential 2023 Gladiator owners a saving in the region of nearly $20,000 – or, in other words, almost 33 percent!

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FIRE SALE: Jeep Dealers Offering 2023 Gladiators For Up To 33% Off MSRP

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