America’s largest automakers are doling out millions of dollars on diversity, equity inclusion, and other woke programs — a slap in the face to striking workers who ripped the companies as hypocritical.

“If you care about diversity and equity and inclusion and social justice — then you put it in the contract and you compensate workers fairly,” said Brandon Mancilla, 29, the UAW union director for New York City just days after thousands of employees walked off the job.

“Ohio autoworkers need a raise – not a lecture about race,” said Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio). “If the Big Three can afford to shell out six-figure salaries to a bunch of bloviating DEI consultants, they should be able to give their workers a generous pay raise,”

“And if they say they can’t find the money, here’s a hint: fire the woke consultants,” he added.

How do you feel about this?

Shouldn't these companies be WORKERS FIRST?

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AUTO WORKERS FIRST? Automakers Spend HUNDREDS Of Millions On Diversity Equity And Inclusion Yet CAN'T Pay Their Workers What They Need? Is That RIGHT?

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