So how many billions of dollars did the world’s largest car companies make in post-tax profits during the last financial year – after you might have shopped with them for your cars, finance, vehicle parts, accessories and more?
BMW (including MINI) did best with a lovely jubbly $18.9bn. Following closely behind were Toyota and Lexus with $18.1bn, then the Stellantis clan ($17.7bn), Mercedes ($15.3bn), Volkswagen Group ($15.2bn), Tesla ($12.6bn), General Motors ($9.9bn), Hyundai ($5.7bn), Honda ($4.8bn) and Kia ($4.2bn). Not only does BMW beat every other car manufacturing group in terms of profitability, it now ranks as the 30th most profitable company in the world, period. 
The likes of Toyota and VW Group have to be deeply miffed by this – not least because they each put in more work by designing, making and selling far more cars than BMW, and, in turn, rake in almost twice as much revenue. Yet they can’t match, never mind overtake, the Munich firm for profitability. Something to do with the fact Toyotas and VWs are much more reasonably priced than BMWs? Undoubtedly. 

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