It often happens for car and motorcycle makers to issue recalls, and that's one of the ways we can all rest assured that we're driving or riding the safest machines possible. Safety-related stop-sale orders are not unheard of either, but they happen much rarely. Stop-sale orders that have nothing to do with safety… Well, I can't really remember when I heard of such a thing last.

It was this week when the American branch of German bike maker BMW Motorrad announced such a move, and it got the industry scratching its head. Let's see what this is all about.
On September 26 the company issued a statement calling on dealers to enforce a temporary, voluntary stop-sale. The order is not limited to a model or several, but it impacts all of the bikes in the dealers' inventory, no matter if they are new or pre-owned. Or should we say 99.99 percent of them, as the CE 04 scooter is not affected by the decision.

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BMW Issues Stop Sales On All ICE Powered Motorcycle In The US Market

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