Elon Musk has suggested that Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis could go bankrupt if they meet the demands of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.

The UAW is in the midst of unprecedented strikes against the Detroit Three while looking to sign new four-year contracts. A host of demands are being pushed by the UAW, including a 40% pay increase and a 32-hour workweek, down from the current 40 hours. If Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis oblige, Musk believes the writing could be on the wall for them.
“They want a 40% pay raise and a 32-hour workweek,” he said on Twitter. “Sure way to drive GM, Ford, and Chrysler bankrupt in the fast lane.”

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Elon Musk Will Wait On The Sidelines As UAW Bankrupts The Detroit Three

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