The owners of 3,866 Kia Fortes from the 2023 model year are being advised not to drive their vehicles due to a manufacturing error. The automaker blames its supplier for an incorrectly manufactured part that could fail, leading to a loss of control.
The recall affects Fortes built between April 12 and June 7, 2023, that received a right front lower control arm with a bad joint connection point. Kia’s investigation found that the error occurred as a result of bad welding, which could fatigue over time.
That could, in turn, cause the part to break, leading to a separation of the lower control arm from the Forte’s cross member. If that happens, the toe angle can change, which can suddenly impact the vehicle’s steering and increase the risk of an accident.

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Kia Advises 3,800 2023 Forte Owners To Park Their Vehicle Over Steering Issues

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