Kia's first three-row SUV with no local emissions started its life as a concept back in late 2021. Now, at long last, the production variant will drop into nationwide dealerships during the second quarter of the year, starting from almost $55k.
This week hasn't been abundant with all-time novelties. Sure, we have seen the Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe in 43 and 63 S E Performance versions, but that one can easily be overlooked by an inattentive fan because it looks almost the same as the first generation. Only the latter has one cap on each side – one for the fuel tank and the other for the recharging port. The GLC 63 S E Performance Coupe is a plug-in hybrid with 671 horsepower, but we're not going to be too happy about that – under the hood, there's a tiny 2.0-liter inline-four, and its voice isn't the most pleasant of them all.
On the other hand, it feels like the automakers involved with the US automotive market have talked about not bringing any major novelty this past week to our attention. Instead, they're all busy showcasing their models' numerous 2024 model year variants, no matter how subtle or unworthy the changes are. Of course, we could find some highlights in there, too – such as the 2024 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Nightshade that looks stealthy or the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo, which costs a resounding $65k.

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Has Kia's EV9 Electric SUV Scored Another Hit In The Market?

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