Enter the Land Hopper, a nameplate registered with the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office not even a week after the world premiere of the 250 series. According to a fresh report from the Land of the Rising Sun, the newcomer is going official next month at the Japan Mobility Show. Previously known as the Tokyo Motor Show, said event will be held between October 25 and November 25.
First and foremost, is the Land Hopper actually a thing? As a trademark, yes. But as a series-production vehicle, not quite yet. Previewed on August 2 alongside a seven-seat electric crossover, the Land Cruiser's compact sibling is the size of the Corolla Cross yet not a unibody. Best Car understands that Toyota shrunk the GA-F platform of the 250 and 300 series for this application.

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2025 Toyota Land Hopper To Slot Below New Land Cruiser

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