New car registrations in Europe soared by 20% in August compared to the same month last year, spurred on primarily by demand for electric vehicles across the continent.
Recent registration data gathered by JATO across 28 European markets reveals that almost 900,000 new vehicles were registered in Europe in August. Of these, approximately 196,000 were battery-electric vehicles, which represents a 102% increase from August 2022. Sales of gasoline-powered vehicles rose by 11%.
Demand for battery-electric vehicles jumped significantly in certain markets across Europe. These included Belgium where EV growth soared 224%, Greece where it jumped 183%, Luxembourg up 164%, and Portugal also up 164%. Electric vehicles are particularly popular in Germany with registrations rising by 171%. In fact, Germany itself accounts for 44% of all BEV demand.

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European EV Sales Surged 102% In August

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