I've been covering the auto industry for more than a decade now. I may not be as much of a hardened veteran as some, but I am at the point where not a lot truly surprises me anymore. Today, I can safely say that's changed because I have seen the Tesla Cybertruck up close and in person for myself. Let's just say that the photos and videos you've seen so far don't really do it justice—the Cybertruck looks like nothing else on the road.

Now, do I mean that in a good way, or a bad way? I'm still making my mind up on that.

This week marks the first deliveries and, presumably, the unveiling of the full and final specs of the Cybertruck. Whether you've got 10 of them on order or think it's a rolling design disaster, you can't ignore the fact that it—or really any all-new Tesla—is a major electric vehicle debut. The Cybertruck is getting attention in a way that's unlike almost any EV that's come before it, and it's either going to print money for Tesla at a crucial time or be a stainless-steel boat anchor dragging it down for years to come. Either way, it's a hype machine, and it's not even on the road yet.

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Up Close And Personal - Is The Telsa Cybertruck's Build Quality As Bad As They Say?

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