My father was never into cars and motorcycles. One of my grandfathers used to work on tractors, while the other drove a coal truck for a living. I've often asked myself whether my kids will ever like the same things I do, but I'm mentally ready to support them in any hobby of their choosing.

Almost one year has passed since Ken Block left this world due to an unfortunate snowmobile accident. He left a void in the hearts of many of us, even though most people have never met him in real life. One can only imagine how his loved ones must feel right now. In 2020, we saw him teaching his daughter, Lia, how to drift in the 1978 Ford Escort MK2 RS.

That's one excellent way to bond with your child. Fast forward to 2021, so about two years ago, she was ready to take on the Hoonicorn. We saw multiple episodes of her racing in the custom-built Ford Mustang against plenty of high-power vehicles. And it's been evident from the beginning that she is as talented and determined as her father was.

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