A future surveillance state seems inevitable. Law enforcement agencies are already accessing user data shared with Google, Facebook, and other digital service providers, often circumventing any constitutional concerns by purchasing the information like any other company. If Hyundai Motor Group’s Orwellian vision of the future becomes reality, that data could soon be coming from your car as well.

The company highlighted the winners of its 2023 Ideas Festival, a program designed to foster and produce creative research concepts from its employees. This year’s theme was “Technology with a Heart that Changes the World,” and one of the bronze prize winners was an idea called “H-SOS.”

The concept imagines a future where a car equipped with external microphones could always be listening for signs of distress, like a person screaming or an explosion. If it detects such an occurrence, the car could activate its headlights, hazards, and horn and begin using its cameras to record its surroundings.

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Future Hyundai Models May Hear The Screams Of An Argument Or Accident And Call Police

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