Elon Musk has delivered on his promise to get the Tesla Cybertruck into production. The wedge-shaped, Syd Mead meets Giorgetto Giugiaro design is out in the world, albeit with some design concessions from the concept version to make the whole package work. It might not go as far as originally promised, it’s more expensive than he originally said it would be, but the Cybertruck still looks very close to the concept Musk surprised us with back in 2019—stainless steel body panels and all. Those stainless steel body panels might be one of the truck’s biggest draws, but could they be its Achilles heel?

Musk and Tesla claim that the truck's hard surface is so damage-resistant that it can stop bullets. But like every material in the known physical realm, it can be broken. And when something gets broken, it’ll need to be repaired. That's where things get tricky here.

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To The Surprise Of No One Tesla's Cybertruck Will Be A Nightmare To Repair

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