In this day and age, inflation is not just another nuisance we have to deal with on a daily basis – it has become a harrowing element that makes people cringe about whether or not they will make it until the next paycheck. As such, we have – unfortunately – grown accustomed to price hikes everywhere. That's also valid across the automotive industry, which, because of constraints or greed (maybe both), is only sending the MSRPs instead of down.

Well, that's it. Hyundai is negating the trend – at least as far as the launch of the redesigned 2024 Sonata mid-size sedan is concerned. As always, when we read the new $27,500 MSRP for the base Sonata SEL, we immediately checked the 2023 MY's asking price. As it turns out, Hyundai dumped the SE version, and now the new SEL base is cheaper than before!

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Hyundai Sonata's Entry Model Comes In Lower Priced Than Outgoing Model

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