Tesla is inviting Cybertruck reservation holders to configure their Foundation Series trucks, which start at over $120,000 and max out well over $135,000. However, if you do order one of these trucks, then delivery might be possible by the end of this month. The Foundation Series is limited to just 1,000 units.

Details are a bit slim at the moment, but we do have a few tweets that help share more of the info. We'll get to those in a bit, but first, we should discuss what the Foundation Series Cybertruck is and why that name was chosen.

The Foundation Series is a science fiction book series authored Isaac Asimov. Musk has mentioned this series to be among his favorites and he has stated that he is a fan of Asimov. The Foundation Series books tell the story of a galactic empire that is about to collapse. One person tries to prevent this collapse. We think Musk likens himself to the savior in the Foundation Series and perhaps that's why it's among his favorites.

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$120,000 Tesla Founder's Series Cybertrucks To Get Early Deliveries Over Reservation Holders

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