The Chevrolet Bolt is having its best sales year ever—right in time for it to get canceled. But General Motors is responding to the immense popularity of the pair of compact electric vehicles by releasing a heavily updated Bolt with more advanced hardware in 2025. And when it does, only the larger Bolt EUV will be on the menu.

GM officials confirmed to InsideEVs this week that the upcoming next-generation Bolt will be EUV-only, citing the overwhelming popularity of the crossover model over the smaller Bolt EV. “We are glad to see the enthusiasm surrounding the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt. We will share details as we get closer to its launch date," a GM spokesperson added. "We’re excited, as the new Bolt will build on the formula that has made it the success it is today."

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Next Gen Chevy Bolt To BE EU Only, Leaving US With Significantly Higher Priced EV Entry Point

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