The Biden administration is considering restrictions on imports of Chinese “smart cars” and related components that would go beyond tariffs to address growing US concerns about data security, according to people familiar with the matter.

The measures would apply to electric vehicles and parts originating from China, no matter where they’re finally assembled, to prevent Chinese makers from moving cars and components into American markets through third countries like Mexico, the people said. The measures could also apply to other countries about which the US has data concerns, one of the people said. Tariffs alone, they added, won’t fully address this issue.

US officials are particularly concerned about the troves of data collected by so-called smart cars — which include EVs and other types of connected and autonomous vehicles — said the people, who were granted anonymity to discuss confidential conversations. Many of today’s cars, both gas and electric, are equipped with modems connecting them to the internet, making them potential targets for hacking.

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Administration Considers Limiting Imports On Chinese EV Components As US Automakers Continue To Wander Aimlessly

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