Despite the threats posed by climate change, the U.S. remains deeply divided on electric cars. A J.D. Power report from 2023 suggested that even in the long term, electric cars will constitute only a small percentage of new vehicle sales in dozens of U.S. states. Whereas in states like California, Colorado, and New York, EVs are on track to comprise the majority of new sales by 2035. One of the biggest drivers of this division is car dealers.
Of the roughly 17,000 car dealers in the U.S., about 30% have formally urged President Biden to “hit the brakes” on EVs. His administration announced last week that he intends to slow down the EPA regulations. One of their pressure tactics is writing letters to the president—two have been written so far and signed by thousands of dealers—demanding a pushback against the EPA’s proposed rules that mandate two-thirds of new light-duty vehicle sales to be electric by 2032.

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Industry Expert Warns Dealership Owners To Embrace EVs Or Go Out Of Business

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