The Cybertruck's attention might indeed scare potential buyers due to zealous oglers. The futuristic, stainless steel-clad pickup has garnered significant attention however, this attention is having an adverse effect on some potential buyers who value their privacy and prefer a low-key vehicle.

Whenever a Cybertruck is spotted on the road, it is attractring lots of curious onlookers and enthusiastic fans. While some may appreciate the attention and admiration, others might find it overwhelming and intrusive. For those seeking a more subtle and understated vehicle, the Cybertruck's eye-catching design and the fanfare it generates could be a deterrent.

The constant attention could lead to concerns about the safety and security of the vehicle, as well as its occupants. Potential buyers might worry about unwanted attention, vandalism, or theft, which could ultimately drive them away from purchasing a Cybertruck.

Tesla's brand power, it might also be a double-edged sword. The constant scrutiny and excitement surrounding the vehicle could ultimately scare off potential buyers who value their privacy and a more low-key driving experience.

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