In the market for a factory-fresh car for less than £30,000? If so, it’s got to be safe, well built, credible, versatile and properly kitted out, correct? And what’s not to like about a combination of maximum metal for your money at purchase, followed by an almost-guaranteed strong residual value come resale time years later? If you relate to that figure and those requirements, I offer three words: sports utility vehicle.
Yup, I know what you’re thinking – decent SUVs often cost two or three times more. In the case of JLR’s top-tier Range Rover, £100,000-plus is needed just to get a foot on the ladder, with highest-spec examples costing nearer £200,000. Gulp.

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The Automotive Sweet Spot For Young Buyers Is A Small AFFORDABLE SUV - So Why Are the Automakers Still Going Bigger And More Expensive?

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