While speaking to Hennessey's design chief, Nathan Malinick, recently, we got to talking about the newest supercar design trend: off-road supercars and whether Hennessey has any plans to build one. When asked his thoughts on the idea of off-road supercars, Malinick lit up. "I love it! How can you look at that as an enthusiast and not think it's cool?" he says. "If you don't think that, then you probably haven't seen [a 911 Dakar or Huracan Sterrato] in person yet."
This is one of those times when coolness can't be quantified. Hennessey might be able to quantify the massive power outputs from the Venom F5 and its ginormous V8, and when a top-speed run happens this year, it'll be able to quantify that cool factor, too, but there's something about an off-road supercar that just oozes coolness. Part of that comes from the fact that it lowers the bar of entry for enjoying such a supercar.

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Hennessey Toys With The Idea Of Making A 911 Dakar / Huracan Sterrato Rival

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