The U.S. is known, rightly so, as the land of big-ass gas guzzlers. One ambitious European company hopes to sell Americans on just the opposite, and to do so, it's running a design playbook that evokes the adorably classic BMW Isetta.  
Swiss manufacturer Micro on Monday revealed the Microlino Lite, a quirky, tiny and cartoonishly adorable electric car that the typical American pickup truck could eat for breakfast. And yet, Micro hopes to introduce the vehicle to U.S. streets by the end of this year, a company spokesperson told The Verge. 
Can a wholly un-American city car help wean U.S. drivers off of oversized, inefficient SUVs and trucks? That would certainly be terrific as far as our worsening climate crisis is concerned. Plus, I'd venture to guess that more people could get real use out of the Microlino Lite than they think. 

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Could Americans Be Weaned Off Big SUVs For Something Like THIS?

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