The world may have come to expect near-perfection from Elon Musk and his products, resulting in the slightest problem with any of them getting amplified in the media. Nonetheless, the latest U.S. steel news has not been kind to Tesla’s recently-launched and significantly delayed electric Cybertruck.
The truck started shipping last December, having seen several years of delays. Now, complaints are already trickling in about rust spots sprouting up on the truck’s “ultra-hard stainless steel” body, which Tesla claims is “literally bulletproof.” 
Bulletproof yet rusting – how does that pan out? In the wake of news detailing Tesla car door handles freezing in snowy weather and their batteries catching fire, this rust problem now seems like a whole new headache for the car manufacturer.

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I Have To Take Care Of It? Cybertruck Owners Lash Out At Tesla Over Stainless Steel Maintenance Requirements

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