What in the world has just happened? We fell asleep and woke up to this: a Tesla Cybertruck sold for a staggering $244,000, which is more than double the price of the Foundation Series.

In order to prevent car flipping, Tesla does not allow owners to sell their brand-new Cybertruck during the first year of ownership. However, someone just did. The vehicle was listed for sale on Cox Automotive's website, and bidding went crazy, going all the way to $244,000. This is how much someone paid to get their hands on the Tesla Cybertruck.
The buyer is reportedly a Porsche dealership from South Orlando, Florida. They placed the winning bid on February 28. The truck they purchased was the Foundation Series, the only version that is currently being delivered by Tesla, which costs $120,000.

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Say What? Brand New Cybertruck Was Just Sold For $244,000

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