The Toyota Prius Prime has beat out the latest EVs for the title of greenest car. Despite more EVs coming to market, none of the latest fully-electric vehicles in the U.S. managed to outdo the efficiency of the humble Prius plug-in, according to the Washing Post and recent findings in the 2024 GreenerCars report.
The Prius Prime has held on to its title as the greenest car for years thanks to its small size and low weight, which modern EVs eschew for the sake of greater range and unnecessary features that not only increase their price, but, more importantly, inflate their size and weight. It doesn’t matter how green your EV is if it’s powered by a massive battery, which costs precious resources and would go unused by most Americans whose daily distance requirements come in at an average of 27 miles. From the Washington Post:

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SHOCKER: The Greenest Car In America Is NOT An EV

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