The World Rally Championship will abandon hybrid powertrains for the flagship Rally1 class from next year in a bid to reduce costs.
The sport introduced hybrid powertrains to the Rally1 series in 2022 but from next year, the championship will do a 180 and switch back to nothing but combustion power. All vehicles will run on sustainable fuels and ditch the 100-hp electric motor, making the rally cars lighter.
“The current Rally1 car will continue as the WRC’s flagship vehicle in both 2025 and 2026 but with modifications to reduce cost and performance,” the FIA confirmed in a statement. “These include the removal of the plug-in hybrid unit, with the performance compensated by a reduction in overall weight, and a reduction in the air restrictor and aerodynamics.”

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WRC To Ditch Hybrid Powertrains And Return To Old Fashioned ICE Power

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