Depreciation is a normal part of car ownership; the moment you drive a brand-new vehicle off the lot, it starts to lose money. But often times, extenuating circumstances can lead to a car's rate of depreciation accelerating. Which brings us to our long-term Fisker Ocean, a car on which we have officially taken a big, hot, carpeted-jacuzzi-in-a-depressing-motel-room bath.
We bought a 2023 Fisker Ocean Extreme for our long-term test fleet in January — as in, two months ago. At the time, we paid $69,012 for a pretty loaded example of Fisker's electric SUV, with the promise of over-the-air enhancements to come.

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FLEECED: That $70,000 Fisker Ocean You Bought 3 Months Ago To Save The Planet Is Only Worth $21,000 Now

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