Dealers WONDER where their bad rep comes from.

But it's things like these that take the SHADINESS to new levels.

Luther Ford in PA is posting that they are giving dicounts as HIGH AS $34k on new Mach-E's.

But there is a catch once you scratch the surface.

The final price they advertise is NOT a purchase and you DON'T own the vehicle.

It is a LUMP SUM lease payment for 36 months. And the deal itself ISN'T very good.

Give us your thoughts and what do you say to the dealer on this? Cause there will be a 100% chance they will see our coverage,

Is this the way to do business, or does it only tarnish car dealers reputations more?


Link to dealers site below...

SLIM SHADY Mustang Mach-E Pricing? Dealer APPEARS To Offer A $34k DISCOUNT On The Vehicle But There Is A CATCH. A HUGE One!

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