Self-driving cars have come under fire in recent months, mostly due to eye-widening events that have raised safety concerns. However, Hyundai remains committed to the technology and has attempted to put the public at ease by putting one of its autonomous Ioniq 5 EVs through a traditional driver's license test.
Driving through the streets of Las Vegas, DMV driving examiner Kandice Jones carefully evaluates the Ioniq 5 as she would a real driver, monitoring speed, lane changes, maneuvers, and several other things that a human driver would expect. Jones, a no-nonsense employee with 25 years of experience, says she has doubts about whether the vehicle will be able to pass, adding, "I've failed thousands and thousands of students in the interest of public safety."


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WATCH: Hyundai Takes A Ioniq 5 Robotaxi To Las Vegas DMV To Take The Drivers Test

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