The seventh-generation BMW M5 saloon has been out on the road in pre-production form for some time, and while it’s yet to be officially revealed, the marque has confirmed that the M5 saloon will be joined by a more practical sibling. For the first time since the V10-powered E61 M5 from 2007, BMW M is developing an M5 Touring to rival the Audi RS6 and Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate, and it's set for a reveal later this year.
Final details are still under wraps, but we now know that production will begin in Q4 of 2024 before first customer cars hit the road. For the first time, the BMW M5 Touring will also be available in North America, with its E61 M5 predecessor and even the highly popular G81 M3 Touring never making it to the US. 

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2025 BMW M5 Touring Is Heading To The US After All

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