After unveiling the concept during its first annual EV Day in October, Kia’s EV3 will become real in 2024.

The concept looks like a squished version of Kia’s three-row EV9 SUV—exactly how Kia planned it. Kia’s EV3 takes the advanced tech, practicality, and design of the EV9 and puts them into a more compact, affordable package.
You can see the brand’s new “Opposites United” design shown, with a reimagined “Tiger Face” grille and strong wheel arches.

The interior features plant-derived materials to complete the otherwise minimalist feel. Although the concept is shown with one large screen for the driver display and infotainment, the production version is expected to feature Kia’s next-gen ccNC infotainment system.

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Kia's EV3 To Become A Reality In October - GT Version In the Cards

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